Protect what really matters with Life insurance . 

If you die unexpectedly, a Life insurance policy will pay out a cash sum to your family. Mortgage protection is a decreasing term assurance which is a type of term assurance where the amount of cover decreases over the term of the policy, tying in with the outstanding amount on repayment a mortgage.

Life is unpredictable. No one can foresee when something may happen which can change our lives dramatically …….. Protect your loved ones.

Most people have life insurance to cover financial responsibility such as :

  •  Personal debt that needs to be repaid such as mortgages loans and credit cards 
  •  Financial security for your spouse and children 
  •  Inheritance tax issues which may mean parts of your estate have to be sold.

Although this may not be the easiest subject to discuss here at friendly ALT Financial solutions we can help you look at the potential implications and advise you on how to protect your home and family. We will discuss the reasons why you feel it is important to have this type of cover in place.

We offer flexible appointments at our office or in the comfort of your own home. However telephone appointments can be arranged. 

After sourcing the relevant insurance from our panel of excellent providers we will then make a recommendation which is tailored to you. A solution will be designed that works for you in terms of cover and at an affordable cost.

 Talk to us today to arrange protection for what really matters …………..