Protect your income today by putting your income protection policy in place.

Could you cope financially if you were sick or had an accident ?

Income protection should be an essential consideration for those who are reliant on their income to maintain their financial commitments and lifestyle.

This can replace a percentage of your income if you’re unable to work for a long time because of illness or disability.It will pay out until you return to work or the policy term finishes – whichever happens first.

Income protection plans usually have a waiting period before the benefits becomes payable and the longer the waiting period you choose the lower the monthly premium. Some plans now have the facility to add unemployment cover.

Long term income repayment policies usually come into play between the time when your employer stops paying sick pay, when you collect your pension, die or return to work.

Shorter term policies tend to be used towards protecting a mortgage or bank loan repayments. These usually commence within a few weeks but stop entirely after 12 months or 24 months. Short-term policies may often include unemployment and compulsory redundancy cover.

Ask yourself these questions

  •  Could you support your current debts and lifestyle if you wear unable to work from prolonged ill health?
  •  If you were off for three months or more would your employer keep paying you?
  •  Are you self employed? If you were not able to work fully due to illness would you be able to carry on paying your bills?

If your answer is no, here at ALT  Financial Solutions we can help you look at the potential implications and advise you on how you can protect your income. We will discuss the reasons why you feel it is important to have this type of cover in place. We offer flexible appointments including evenings and weekends.

After sourcing the relevant insurance from the panel of excellent providers we will make a recommendation tailored to you. We will design a solution that works for you  in terms of cover and at an affordable cost.

 Talk to us today to arrange protection for what really matters ………